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 Three Radical Acts of Love--

From the crucible of her own life’s path, both personal and professional, Dirje has crafted these teachings that make up the Three Radical Acts of Love

The majority of us live in the rich fabric of family, work and community. Sometimes what began as mindful commitments have expanded into mind-boggling schedules. We can feel discouraged, trapped or overwhelmed, watching days and weeks fly by, with seemingly no end to the pace in sight.


We wish we could just hit "pause" once in a while to catch our breath, rest and hear our own thoughts, wisdom, our own heart. We long to honor our own sacred path. The good news is—we CAN. Does this call to you?

If so, join us. 

Come be with resonant hearts, breathe, be in nature, eat great food, spend quiet time, and learn some easy tools you can use daily to re-center yourself. Three radical acts of love are simple, practical choices that you can make to change the way you experience your life, day to day. The teachings work alongside your own faith and spiritual traditions. Come be refreshed and learn with us! 


Dirje Childs, MS, LPC, mental health therapist and freelance improvisational cellist, facilitates these contemplative weekends.

The format will be relaxed, to include teaching sessions followed by periods of "soft time", when participants may choose to enjoy quietude, rest, nap, walk, journal, read, or share quietly with others in small groups. Dirje will also use brief periods of solo cello as a contemplative balm.

April 27th - 29th, 2018 At the BellaVida Bed and Breakfast in Wimberley, Tx


Thursday, April 27th at 5 pm, group check-in 

  • Group Dinner 6 pm, followed by opening night welcome session, then quiet house


Friday, April 27th Special Eco-Dyeing workshop, 10 am-4 pm: 

  • Friday morning begins with cello meditation for retreat participants, then breakfast

  • Friday daytime session will center around the setting of intentions, and co-creating a beautiful eco-dyed silk scarf in collaboration with the native plants and the land, and will include periods of cellosong, creative self-expression, and meditative walking. "Earth Expresses Her Creativity Through You" is co-facilitated with Eco and Indigo Fiber Arts team, Shiila Safer, Karen Smith and Connie Ashely Akers, and Dirje. 

  • This session is both part of the 3-day retreat AND can also be taken as a stand-alone workshop with lunch included, for $105.00 ( Purchase as STAND ALONE )

  • Friday evening session will follow dinner, some simple techniques for centering and aligning with one's life path, to include group sharing and restorative candlelight cello relaxation 

Saturday, April 28th

  • Saturday morning begins with cellosong meditation

  • After breakfast the morning session explores the First Radical Act of Love and self-compassion, followed by "soft" time for journaling, resting, reflecting, walking on the property, sharing in small groups, creative arts activities.

  • After lunch, the afternoon session explores the Second Radical Act of Love and sacred community, followed by "soft time" for further personal reflection and other options.

  • After dinner, the group will meet for creative circling---each member is invited to share something with the group such as a poem, song, reflection, piece of art, or personal wisdom, followed by quiet house.


Sunday, April 29th

  • Sunday morning begins with cellosong meditation

  • After breakfast, the morning session explores the Third Radical Act of Love, culminating in the closing circle

  • Check out is at 12 noon, following the closing circle


Cost for entire Retreat package, including eco-dyeing workshop, all lodging, all meals, supplies and materials is $595.00 

Purchase Retreat Package )

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